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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Eris vs BA 2.86: Which New Covid Variant is More Serious And How to Prevent it?

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New Covid variants are emerging in UAE, USA and UK majorly. The latest variants of coronavirus Eris and BA.2.86 are reportedly driving the surge in these places. The Word Health Organisation (WHO) has dubbed these two variants as ‘variant of interest’ and ‘variant under monitoring’ respectively. The EG.5 or Eris is a dominant variant in the US and is spreading like wildfire. However, BA.2.86 is a highly mutated strain as well.

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Research is still underway to determine the exact severity, transmission rate and fatality of these new emerging Covid-19 variants. But, there is just a slight difference between the two. While most of the symptoms are similar in nature, there are looming questions of another wave in the light of frequently rising variants in different countries.


  • According to a report by WHO dated August 9, there has been no evidence of increased disease severity from the new EG.5 strain.
  • More cases of Eris have been detected across the globe and scientists are ascribing a higher transmissibility rate to the EG.5 variant.
  • It can be transmitted through droplets and is airborne.
  • Eris or EG.5 is a sub-lineage of Omicron.
  • It has a mutation in the spike protein that is an essential element in Covid virus. With this, it enters and infects the human cell.
  • Based on its characteristics, EG.5 may spread globally & cause a surge in cases.
  • It has an increased growth rate.


    • Few cases have shown developing rashes, redness in the eyes, and diarrhoea as symptoms of the infection.
    • So far, it has shown higher genetic mutation making it relatively more immunity evading prior vaccination.
    • It has nearly 36 mutations that are relatively similar to the previously detected XBB.1.5 variants. And some of these mutations are on spike protein, antry point for viruses to exploit human cells.It can be transmitted through droplets and is airborne.
      • Runny nose
      • Headache
      • Constant fatigue
      • Sneezing
      • Sore throat
      • Loss of taste and snell
      • Body acheAccording to CBS News report,UK health official shave said that there is enough information to acknowledge the fact “to expect significant antigenic change.”


      • There is still more research underway to comprehend the severity of the new emerging variants of Covid. According to scientists, it is a little early to determine anything, but people should start taking precautions already.
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